Bern. Max Leu (1862-1899), Adrian von Bubenberg, 1897. Foto/Photo: TES

A Berner in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have discovered graffiti from Adrian von Bubenberg (1424-1479) in Jerusalem. He visited the Holy Land on a pilgrimage in 1466.

His name, with an image of his heraldry, was found on a wall of the complex of King David’s tomb on Mount Zion, near the ancient city. The building was a monastery and an inn for pilgrims from Europe.

It was customary to engrave the name and heraldry in stone. The researchers found 40 other names on this site. Von Bubenberg was the hero at Morat ten years later, in 1476, in his battle against the Burgundians of Duke Charles the Bold (1433-1477).

Source: Mal Denken, SGAW