Das Beatrice von Wattenwyl-Haus. Foto/Photo: www.admin.ch

The Von Wattenwyl Talks

This year’s first “Von Wattenwyl Talks” between the leaders of the Federal Council parties and the national government will take place on Friday, 3 February 2023, in the Beatrice von Wattenwyl House in Bern.

The “Von Wattenwyl Talks” with the heads of the government parties in the run-up to each session of the Federal Assembly have been well known since 1970. The talks will focus this time on foreign and security issues, the economic situation, energy policy- and European policy, migration and federal finances.

The “Von Wattenwyl Talks” take place four times a year to discuss current issues. These talks were launched to facilitate the search for consensus solutions in the concordance system (Konkordanzsystem/ système de concordance).

The aim is to devise viable consensus solutions with the four parties of the federal government. Since 1959 the “magic formula” (Zauberformel/ formule magique) has been established in the composition of the national government. Because of the direct democracy, a compromise is always a prerequisite in the formation and promulgation of decisions at federal level.

Situated in the historic centre of Bern, the Beatrice von Wattenwyl House has its origins as far back as 1446. Emanuel von Wattenwyl (1863-1934) bequeathed 1934 this patrician’s residence to the Swiss Confederation on behalf of his wife Beatrice, who had died five years previously.

(Source and further information: www.admin.ch)