NaturErlebnispark Schwägalp/Säntis. Foto/Photo: TES.

NaturErlebnispark Schwägalp/Säntis

The area is a cultural landscape based on a 1000-year-old tradition. The theme paths and the geological-Steinpark provide information about the forests, the alpine economy, the fens, flora and fauna in this unique landscape.

Straw meadows are reed meadows only mowed at the end of summer when they are already sclerotized. The biodiversity of the meadow plants is thus preserved.

The moors on the Schwägalp, Lütisalp, Säntisalp and Potersalp terraces are very impressive. In the forested parts of the landscape, the raised bogs and fens are scattered in countless smaller and larger open areas. Outside the marshes, the peat landscape shows a great diversity of biotopes.

The neighbouring area in the southwest is a valuable alpine cultural landscape with various natural and cultural elements. The habitation of the peat landscape has largely been preserved in its typical structure and consists of buildings in centuries-old architecture and traditional use.