Die Via Glaralpina nahe Glarus. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Via Glaralpina

The Via Glaralpina is a hiking trail of approximately 230 kilometres in 19 stages in the Canton of Glarus. The well-marked white-red-white (weiss-rot-weiss) and white-blue-white (weiss-blau-weiss) hiking trails lead to alpine meadows and (coniferous) trees, mountain landscapes and even glaciers.

The track also passes about 20 relatively easy-to-climb peaks, depending on experience and condition. On the one hand, the Via Glaralpina can be done as a long-distance hike of several days, and on the other hand, there are many opportunities to get in and out of the walk. The stages are easily accessible and can usually be reached completely or at least in part by public transport or Alpine taxis.

The stages have places to stay overnight, including SAC huts and hotels/pensions. The Via Glaralpina mainly follows white-red-white mountain hiking trails (SAC scale T2 and T3) and the more difficult white-blue-white marked Alpine hiking trails (SAC scale T4).

(Source and further information: www.via-glaralpina.ch).