St. Theodorskirche, Basel. Foto/ Photo: TES.

St. Theodor in Basel

The church was first mentioned around 1100. Bishop Burkard von Fenis (ca 1040-1107) donated St. Theodor (Kleinbasel) to the monastery of St. Alban (Grossbasel).

At that time, the area on the right bank of the Rhine (Kleinbasel) belonged to the diocese of Constance. However, the bishop of Basel owned St. Theodor in the 11th/12th centuries. The church was rebuilt in the 13th century. Of the building consecrated in 1277, only the lowest parts of the façade and the two towers remain.

The earthquake of 1356 largely destroyed the church and severely damaged it. The reconstruction took many decades. When Gross- and Kleinbasel became one municipality in 1392, the church remained the property of the Basel chapter.

Carthusian monks settled next to St Theodor in 1402 (see Swiss Spectator 7 July 2021: The Carthusian Monastery of Basel). The church has been Protestant Reformed since 1529. In the following centuries, the church hardly changed in appearance.