The Constitution of the Cantons

The Constitution of the cantons is an indispensable part of Swiss constitutional law. Like citizens, the cantons are the cornerstones of the Swiss state system.

Almost all the constitutions of the cantons have been (entirely) revised, dusted off, and harmonised over the past 50 years and yet have retained their individuality.

Constitutions show surprising diversity. The trend towards municipal mergers subjects the traditional structure of the cantons to profound changes. Constitutional jurisprudence in some cantons, therefore, also has an astonishing dynamic, sometimes partly due to the jurisdiction of the Bundesgericht in Lausanne.

The book (written in German) provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant aspects, the organisation, jurisprudence, church, civil law, state liability and fundamental rights directly affecting the cantons’ autonomy.

A. Auer, Staatsrecht der schweizerischen Kantone, Bern, 2016