The Clock Tower of Bern

Switzerland is a country of wristwatches, meteorological clocks, and astronomical clocks. The Zeitglockenturm (Zytglogge) is the first western gate of the city of Bern and was built around 1200-1256. The tower was integrated into the city wall on both sides. Today, it is part of the rows of houses.

The tower is in the centre of the old town. The overall appearance was completed in 1770, integrating the astronomical clock and the music box from 1527 to 1530. Old units of measurement and town histories can be seen in the gateway.

City histories by Gotthard Ringgli (1575-1635), c. 1607-1610. The granting of the Handveste by Emperor Frederick II in 1221.

Gotthard Ringgli, Duke Berchtold V of Zähringen commissioned Cuno von Bubenberg to build the town. The pictures are copies of the originals in the Bernese Historical Museum.

Meteorological clocks


Sils Maria



Collection: Omega Museum Biel