The Planetary Path Weissenstein

The Planetary path begins on Mount Weissenstein (Canton Solothurn) near the Kurhaus. The approximately one-and-a-half hour hiking trail along the Jurassic Chain from Weissenstein to the Hasenmatt and Stallflue provides information about the solar system, the sun, the nine planets (including Pluto), and thirty-three (of around one hundred and eighty) moons.

The Planetary Path represents the solar system on a scale of 1:1 billion, i.e. 1 metre equals 1 million kilometres in the solar system.

The sun is at the centre of the walk. The diversity of human cultures could only develop because of its radiant powers and energy. The sun is mentioned on the pillar in around thirty languages, symbolizing different cultures. The zodiac on the foot of the installation depicts the year and the earth turning around the sun.

Along the path, one first meets the five inner planets Mercury (57 million km), Venus (108 million km), Earth (150 million km) and Mars (228 million km). The walk continues over the Jurassic mountains Hasenmatt and Stallflue to the giant planets Jupiter (778 million km), Saturn (1.43 billion km), Uranus (2.8 billion km), Neptune (4.5 billion km) and the minor planet Pluto (4.4 billion, first station-7.3 km, second station).

The Sky is the limit, and the Alpine giants and sometimes even the terrestrial Mont Blanc are visible with clear weather.

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