Tribschen, Richard Wagner Museum. Foto/Photo: Richard Wagner Museum.

Richard Wagner and Tribschen

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) left his “Tribschen idyll” near Lucerne one hundred fifty years ago. He lived in Tribschen from 1866 to 1872 and has kept the most beautiful memories of this place. He worked intensively on his monumental “Ring of the Nibelung” and other world-famous compositions here.

The Richard Wagner Museum is devoting an entire weekend to his farewell and has assembled a varied programme.

Directed by Damiàn Dlaboha, the actor Manuel Kühne will read from letters and diaries of Richard Wagner, his relatives and friends. Pianists Tsovinar Suflyan and Andrea Wiesli will play works by Richard Wagner, his father-in-law Franz Liszt and contemporary Joachim Raff.

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