Altstätten (Canton of St. Gallen) has a rich history. The many beautiful medieval and baroque houses and the Placidus chapel bear witness to this past.

In 853, Altstätten was mentioned for the first time in a document as “villa nominata altsteti” (villa named old place). The Monastery of St. Gallen owned many properties in Altstätten (old town).

In the 13th century, Abbot Berchtold von Falkenstein (abbot from 1244-1272) fortified Altstätten with a wall to protect the town from the Counts of Montfort, who had settled on the right bank of the Rhine. From 1298 it was officially a town. The name “Altstätten” appeared in 1444.

In the 18th century, Altstätten experienced an economic boom with the textile trade. Its prosperity can still be seen in the many baroque public buildings and private houses. Altstätten is also the carnival stronghold (Fasnacht) of the Rhine valley of St.Gallen.