Mulegns, Modell des Weissen Turms. Foto/Photo:TES

The Zuckerbäcker and the Weisse Turm in Mulegns

Nova Fundaziun Origen presented the fairytale film installation ‘The Confectioner’s Dream’ in Chur on 11 November. With this work, Nova Fundaziun Origen shows a musical film generated entirely by AI.

A confectioner (Zuckerbäcker) returns to Graubünden. He followed his grandfather’s and became a Zuckerbäcker in another country.  He returns to his village of birth and wants to erect a monument to honour the confectioners. He dreams of a splendid and unique building.

A tall white tower, with organic shapes, virtuoso patterns and slender pillars, is to tower above the roofs of his home village and let his gaze wander into the distance.

The White Tower, built using digital printing technology, is in the starting blocks. The world’s tallest digitally printed structure will be erected in the village of Mulegns as early as next year.

The building reminds the bold emigrants from Graubünden and tells their story. What would a homesick confectioner build today: a large farmhouse, a villa or palace decorated with Randolinas, a grand hotel or a white building developed by AI and built by robots?

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