Näfels, Freulerpalast. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Freuler Palace in Näfels

The Freuler Palace (Freulerpalast) was built in 1642-48 by Colonel Kaspar Freuler (1595-1651). It remained in the possession of the colonel’s descendants until 1840.

The Baroque garden room (Sala terrena) is common in 17th-century European architecture. The magnificent entrance portal, the large banquet hall, the small chapel, the regimental gallery with its (lost) tapestries and portraits of the captains of the Swiss Garde regiment in the service of the French royal family and the other rooms are still in good condition.

Numerous high-ranking officers from Näfels who brought their money home from foreign service built stately family homes in the village. In 1840, the palace was bought by the municipality. It now houses the Museum of the Canton of Glarus.

(Source: www.glarus-nord.ch).