Augusta Raurica, Blick vom Theater zum Römerhaus. Bild/Photo: Römisches Museum Augusta Raurica, Augst.

The Roman House in Augusta Raurica

More than 65 years ago, René Clavel of Basel (1886-1969) had the idea of rebuilding a Roman house of the local urban elite in the Roman colony of Augusta Raurica, today’s Augst.

The Clavel-Villa near the Augusta Raurica Museum 

In consultation with Professor Laur-Belart (1898-1972), who was responsible for the excavations at Augusta Raurica, he had a peristyle house built next to the Roman theatre, with porches, a courtyard and workshops on the street side. Clavel handed the Roman house over to the Pro Augusta Raurica Foundation in the spring of 1955.

(Source and additional information: B. Pfäffli, “The Roman House: 65 years old and far from retired” in Augusta Raurica, 2020/1, Augst).