Appenzell. Schloss, Käse und Kloster. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Castle, Cheese and Monastery of Appenzell

The capital of Appenzeller cheese is also known for its monastery and castle.

The castle with late Gothic and Renaissance elements was built in 1563-1570 by Dr Anton Löw (1535-1584) after the fire of 1560. Appenzell became the owner in 1585.

The castle came back into private hands in 1688. The neo-classical renovations are from 1840. The first Capuchin nuns moved into the castle in 1613 until the newly built convent next door became available in 1682.

The convent church was built between 1619 and 1621 in Mannerist- Early Baroque style and renovated between 1860 and 1866 in Neo-Romanesque style.