The old glacier in Lucerne

The old glacier in Lucerne was discovered in 1872 and is one of the city’s major attractions. The history of this glacier began 20 million years ago when Lucerne was situated on a beach covered with palm trees. There was also the climate change and the glacier is the result of the last ice age … Read more » “The old glacier in Lucerne”

Rhine Gorge Illanz-Reichenau

The spring of the Vorderrhein is near the Oberalp Pass. It joins the Hinterrhein about ten kilometres before Chur and starst the 1320 kilometre journey to Rotterdam. The Rhine Gorge between Illanz and Reichenau is of great beauty and natural diversity in terms of flora and fauna. The gorge between Illanz, the first city on the … Read more » “Rhine Gorge Illanz-Reichenau”