Bevaix, Manoir. Photo/Foto: TES.

La douce Suisse

A walk between Auvernier and Bevaix (canton of Neuchâtel) on the banks of the lake leads to vineyards, magnificent manors, little beaches and hills.

The medieval abbey of Bevaix stands high on a hill, converted into a farm in the 16th century, after the reformation around 1530.

The Jura

The vineyards are lined with rose bushes, the best indicator of insect pests affecting vineyards.

Villages and towns have retained much of their charm, Bevaix, Cortaillod, Colombier, Corcelles, Cormondrèche, Boudry, Auvernier, for example.

The hiking and biking trails lead you to the most beautiful places on this less-than-fifteen-kilometre route.

Source: the Jura and Three Lakes Region

Boudry and Boudry Castle

The baye of Auvernier, the lake of Neuchâtel and the Mont Blanc