Baulmes. Foto/Photo: TES.

Baulmes and its abbey

Baulmes comes from Baulmes/Balmensis, Balma, and Baume, a cavity under the rock. Scientists have not solved the presence of the ‘l’ in the word.

The place was already inhabited in prehistoric times, around 12 000 BC. It is one of the oldest settlements in the canton of Vaud. Many unique finds have been discovered.

There has been a church here since the 4th century AD. The priory dated from the tenth century and was in close contact with the abbeys in Payerne, Romainmôtier, and Montcherand, which all belonged to the abbey of Cluny.

Nothing remained of the monastery after the Reformation in 1536 and the occupation by Bern. The church still stands proudly on the hill, and the rock Aiguilles of 1559 still dominates the north side of the village. The village still breathes the old glory of the past, and the landscape is already worth a visit.