Giovanni Segantini in Exile

During the period of the renovation of the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz, the works of Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) can be seen in various other places. The famous Triptychon first left St. Moritz to be housed together with other works in the exhibition “Hodler, Segantini, Giacometti” in the Museo dell’ Arte della Svizzera (Masi) in Lugano. Paintings on the theme of water sources and spring water stayed closer to home. They are, very appropriately, to be seen at the Forum Paracelsus in St. Moritz Bad. The other places of exil are the art museum in St. Gallen (from 28 September) on the theme of the light of the Alps and the Cläsa Granda in Stampa (from 1 June), on the subject between Maloja and Soglio, the region where Segantini has painted and lived a lot, among others also in Savognin. (Further information: