Das Vordere Amtshaus (Toggenburgerhaus). Foto/Photo: TES.

Amtshaus Diessenhofen

Since 1370, the dean and the cathedral chapter of Constance had civil rights in Diessenhofen. In 1516, the cathedral chapter decided to build a new residence near the barn on the Rhine.

In 1518, the city approved the construction of a new circular wall on the Rhine and agreed to a large gate through the defensive wall so that freight could be transported directly from the river to the cellars of the Vorderes Amtshaus.

Around 1800 the property came into private ownership, and in 1813, it passed to Johann Caspar Toggenburger, who probably set up a dyeing and printing business here. Since the Toggenburger family gave up the dyeing business in the 1880s, the Vorderes Amtshaus, until recently also called Toggenburgerhaus, has been used as a residence.

Source: www.diessenhofen.ch