Local History

B. Weber, Graubünden in alten Ansichten.

Topographical History of Graubünden

A collection of historical topographical landscapes of villages, buildings and landscape images is an important source of information to reconstruct the historical development of settlements, changes in buildings, renewal and relocation of traffic routes and natural or man-made changes in the residential and natural environment. The Rhätische Museum in Chur presents an extensive and valuable collection.

The book ‘Graubünden in alten Ansichten’ contains hundreds of impressions of the historical development of cities, castles and nature, for example melting glaciers and a chronological overview of illustrated printed publications, graphic works and drawings and paintings from 1525 to around 1880. The book consists of three parts: Drawings and paintings, prints and postcards. The book is a history of Graubünden from the 16th to the beginning of the 19th century. (Source: B. Weber, Graubünden in alten Ansichten, Chur 2002).