Der weisse Turm, Impression. Foto/Photo:

The White Tower of Mulegns

The Origen Foundation (Nova Fundaziun Origen) is building a White Tower (der Weisse Turm) in the village of Mulegns (canton of Graubünden), not to be confused with the Julierturm of Origen on the Julier Pass.

The White Tower is a digitally printed building that tells of the village’s history, the homesickness of Graubünden emigrants and, last but not least, the sugar barons of Mulegns.

The building offers space for art installations, radio play tours and performances.

The White Tower demonstrates the impressive wealth of forms of digital fabrication and sets new standards for the sustainable use of concrete.

In the domed hall, there is a stage that offers a breathtaking view of the village and, in the evening, catches the last rays of the sun.

The tower’s richness of form is a reminder of the great craftsmanship of the Graubünden plasterers and confectioners, who supplied half of Europe with exclusive confectionery until the First World War and had a decisive influence on the image and life of Mulegns.

The White Tower will open in the summer of 2024 for a period of five years.

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