The Rhine and the Basler . Münster. Photo: TES.

The Upper-Rhine Region

The Upper Rhine region is also called the Trirhena Region, the Belchenland or the Dreiland. It includes Upper-Alsace, the southern part of the Black Forest and the Rhine-region of northwest Switzerland.

The towns and villages are often characterized by their beautiful location in nature, some have an ancient history, all have a special charisma.

To this day, the Black Forest has lost none of its appeals. The highest low mountain range in Germany rises steeply from the Upper Rhine valley, with narrow valleys and sunny vineyards.

The peaks of the south offer a panoramic view. Situated between the Vosges and the Rhine, Upper Alsace is an example of a border area open to external influences.

The cultural heritage of architecture, cities, history and language is a diversity and richness of thousands of years.

The Northwest Switzerland region offers churches and monasteries from the Middle Ages, beautiful landscapes and Roman excavations.

In addition, there is the metropolitan city of Basel, where the cosmopolitan atmosphere blends with the market of local (agricultural) products and the 1 000 year old cathedral high above the Rhine radiates the Trirhena, where once Celts and Romans lived and built their (defensive) buildings.

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