St. Blaise, le Temple. Bild/Photo: TES.

The Temple of St. Blaise

The church (le Temple) in St. Blaise (canton Neuchâtel) was built on the site of a church from Carolingian times. In the fifteenth century, it was adapted in the Gothic style. Some striking features are the (Romanesque) tower and windows in the church tower, the stained glass windows of Edmond Bille (1878-1959) and the decoration in the portal of the church tower.

The church adopted the Protestant faith during the Reformation (1530), as did the other places in the present canton of Neuchâtel. During this period, the old county of Neuchâtel was a principality under the French Catholic dynasty of Orléans-Longueville.

Neuchâtel chose the Protestant Prussian King Frederick I in 1707 as the successor of the extinct dynasty Orléans-Longueville. The Prussian king would remain (formally) prince of Neuchâtel and St. Blaisse until 1857, although the canton Neuchâtel had joined the Swiss Confederation or Eidgenossenschaft in 1815.