Melide, Swissminiatur. Stockalperpalast und Jungfraubahn und Observatorium. Foto/Photo: TES

The Grand Tour in Swissminiatur

The creation of the Swissminiatur Park in 1959, modelled on the Dutch Madurodam project, took place with twelve models. Today there are 129 models of the most famous buildings and monuments, plus a 3 560-metre-long rail network with 18 trains, cable cars, ships, and cars and at Zurich-Kloten airport, aircraft are preparing for take-off.

Swissminiatur is the largest open-air miniature museum in Switzerland. It is located in Melide on the shores of Lake Lugano (Canton Ticino), surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery of Monte Generoso, Monte San Salvatore and Monte San Giorgio; the latter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From 29 March, Swissminiatur will be part of the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the Grand Tour in Miniature!

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