Tom Tirabosco, 17. Januar 2020, Cartoonmuseum Basel. Photo/Bild: TES.

The Eye of the Whale

The Swiss cartoonist, illustrator and storyteller Tom Tirabosco (1966) is not only known for his comic albums, children’s book author and contributions in magazines and newspapers, but also his concern about the ecosystem.

He is in particular worried about the global fauna and flora system on land and in the seas.

Many species run out of food and habitat because of more and more cities and other settlements, people, railways, airports, motorways and other human activities. Hunters and heavily polluted areas endanger other species.

The planet will survive a change of climate, as it did for 4 billion years and the billion(s) of years to come. The unprecedented growth of the population (from around 400 million in 1800 to 10 000 000 000 million in 2050) is the real challenge for humanity and flora and fauna in particular.

Tirabosco symbolized his worry by his drawings accompanied by music and a story through the eye of a whale on the occasion of the ‘Continents of the Whale’ event at the Cartoomuseum in Basel, 17 January 2020.

He showed the cruelty of the whale hunt. He confronted the audience with the eye of the whale in the end.

The biggest creature on earth and another gift of nature symbolized the lack of respect for other life on this planet. (Tom Tirabosco Wonderland. Cartoonmuseum Basel).