Bummelsonntag, 31.3.2019. Photo/foto: TES.

The EU should join the Swiss Confederation

Switzerland should not join the EU, but the EU should join the Swiss Confederation of twenty-six democratic republics.

The country should seriously and critically consider whether it will sign the so-called Rahmenabkommen, accord-cadre or Institutional Treaty. 


The sovereignty that is transferred to the EU is lost forever. And the EU is never satisfied. In ten years’ time membership or an end of the Rahmenabkommen will be on the table.


The EU and most of its members can and will not reform and this EU lacks self-reflection (the issue of the Brexit referendum in 2016).

The EU is based on an old-fashioned subsidy system (75% budget, 40% to the agricultural sector (2% of the GNP), an overpaid, privileged and overstaffed Eurocracy, protectionism and above all ambitions and megalomaniac projects.

This EU does not necessarily unite the good qualities of the members but unites the bad characteristics.

Around 52% of the British citizens intuitively expressed this fact in 2016. 62% of Dutch voters were ignored in the Netherlands in the referendums of 2005 and 2016. The Dutch government abolished the referendum for this reason.

The Basler Fasnacht and the European Union

The Basler Fasnacht has undergone many changes over the centuries. Participants expose themselves without masks to the public on three Sundays after the Fasnacht.

The EU never takes off its masks and is not a (direct) democracy or system based on the trias politica. If the EU does not keep up with the times but sticks to its dogmas.

This EU is unifying the incompatible from above. This process will not have a happy end.