Der Land Art Pfad Engelberg 2021. Foto/Photo:

The Engelberg Land Art Path 2021

Landart is a visual art discipline that seeks a place in nature. It makes no claim of permanence, but instead lives from its inherent transience and the constant changes.

Ten experienced artists from Switzerland and abroad created impressive installations and sculptures of various kinds for this land art exhibition on Gerschnialp in Engelberg.

With its tall trees and humide climate, the Hungerbodenwald area is an ideal location for this special exhibition.

At the centre of the exhibition, organic materials are provided in order from them to do just that.

On show are: Wald-Wandler, Gedeon Regli, Moosknäul, Yvonne Christen Vágner, Gedankenwaldgewächse, Christine Läubli, Leander Locher, Claudia Vogel, Matthias Maeder, Myriam Kachour, Richard Zürcher, Stefano Devoti, Susana Malagon, Daniel Züsli und Reflexionen.