Saint-Ursanne (canton of Jura), named after the saint of that name, is located on the River Doubs. The (Irish) monk Ursicinus died here around the year 620.

The town and its Benedictine abbey still have their medieval character. The monastery appeared in documents in 830. The (presumed) mortal remains of St. Ursanne are buried under the altar of the abbey church.

The church and the monastery were among the most important and interesting buildings, built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

The city has three historical gates, the St. Peter Gate (Porte Saint-Pierre), the St. John Gate (Porte Saint-Jean) and the St. Paul Gate (Porte Saint-Paul).

Various other buildings and objects are also worth seeing. The bridge of Saint-Jean Népomucène (Nepomuk) and the so-called bell of La Berbatte are just a few examples.

The beautiful location in the Jura and the natural park of Doubs do credit to the status and the classification of one of the most beautiful towns and villages in Switzerland.

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