The Union and the Disunion on the first of August

Switzerland is a small country (the size of the Netherlands) in the middle of Europe. The Swiss Confederation The fascinating history and culture, the (direct) democratic, the economic, monetary, political and multicultural accomplishments are (too) often overlooked and neglected by other (neighbouring) European countries. Switzerland and the centuries of state-building (not always peaceful and neutral) … Read more » “The Union and the Disunion on the first of August”

The real European Union

Celtic tribes populated this region centuries before Christ. They were in close contact with the surrounding regions. Trade extended to the Mediterranean region and beyond. The construction of roads and transport over mountain passes, rivers and lakes began after the arrival of the Romans. The Middle Ages in the period 500-1000 were also years of … Read more » “The real European Union”

The Europeanization of Switzerland

Europe Europe is a name given by the Greeks to a region or continent that stretches from the Ural in the east to Ireland (or Iceland) in the west and from Scandinavia in the north to Italy in the south. The continent’s societies, cultures, and languages have always been highly diverse. Greeks and Romans were … Read more » “The Europeanization of Switzerland”