The True European Union

The Middle Ages in the period 500-1000 were also years of major changes in Switzerland and certainly not ‘dark’.  Switzerland as a country did not yet exist, neither did the name, nor  the political concept. Only the current language regions developed during this period, especially during the ninth and tenth centuries. The French, Italian and … Read more » “The True European Union”

Congratulations and Chapeau Switzerland

The lake of Brienz (Brienzersee) prepares itself for the first of August, 2019, apparently inspired by “The cradle of the confederation”, mural in the Great Hall of the Swiss parliament, by Charles Giron (1859-1914), 1901. Giron has the Rütli in mind, the meadow at Lake Urner (Urnersee), a part of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee). According to … Read more » “Congratulations and Chapeau Switzerland”

The EU should join the Swiss Federation

Switzerland should not join the EU, but the EU should join the Swiss Federation.  The country should seriously and critically consider whether it will sign the so-called Rahmenabkommen. Sovereignty which has been transferred to the EU is lost forever, and the EU is never satisfied. In ten years’ time membership or an end of the … Read more » “The EU should join the Swiss Federation”