Ceneri Base Tunnel, EU and democracy

On Friday 4 September, the tunnel (Ceneri Basistunnel) was opened at Monte Ceneri in the canton of Tessin. This tunnel completes the NEAT (Die NEue AlpenTransversale) project, the largest and most expensive infrastructure in the country. On 13 December, 06.00 AM, the first train will run from Lugano to the north. The tunnel is 15.4 … Read more » “Ceneri Base Tunnel, EU and democracy”

The Union and the Disunion on the first of August

Switzerland is a small country (the size of the Netherlands) at the heart of Europe. Its fascinating history and culture and (direct) democratic, economic, monetary, political and multicultural accomplishments are (too) often overlooked and neglected by other (neighbouring) European countries. Switzerland and its centuries of (not always peaceful and neutral) development to one of the … Read more » “The Union and the Disunion on the first of August”

The True European Union

The Middle Ages in the period 500-1000 were also years of major changes in Switzerland and certainly not ‘dark’.  Switzerland as a country did not yet exist, neither did the name, nor  the political concept. Only the current language regions developed during this period, especially during the ninth and tenth centuries. The French, Italian and … Read more » “The True European Union”