Romanesque Switzerland

During the Romanesque period (1000-1300), Switzerland was still far from being a national entity. Medieval Romanesque architecture, therefore, presents a multifaceted picture.

The various influences, especially from Lombardy, Burgundy and the Upper Rhine, led to the development of highly individual forms of expression.

After a basic introduction, the author presents the Romanesque (church) buildings and their artistic treasures, grouped into the regions of Graubünden, Ticino, French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland, in a clear and descriptive manner. The presentations are complemented by short descriptions of lesser-known Romanesque buildings.

The book appeared in German (Romanische Schweiz) and French (Suisse romane).

Hans-Rudolf Meier, Romanische Schweiz, Würzburg 1996/  Suisse romane, Würzburg 1998.