The Club Grand Hôtel & Palace

The Club Grand Hôtel & Palace has the aim to preserve the Grand and Palace Hotels, especially in Switzerland, for posterity. Most of these hotels were built during the Belle Epoque period, between 1870 and 1915, in classicist architecture.

Today, they are of inestimable cultural-historical value and witnesses to the pioneering days of the hotel industry. It is the club’s task to preserve these values.

The names Grand Hotel and Palace Hotel shall once again become a trademark of the quality and tradition of the hotel business.

The Club aims to admit all existing and former Grand and Palace Hotels in Switzerland as members in a friendly, non commercial manner.

The Club is actively and passively committed to the preservation of the historic buildings of the Grand and Palace Hotels.

The hotel group owns the largest collection of historical as well as current documents on all existing and disappeared Grand and Palace Hotels and continues to expand it.

City: Basel