Mont Terri Rock Laboratory

The Mont Terri Rock Laboratory is an international research project for the hydrogeological, geochemical, and geotechnical characterisation of Opalinus Clay, a clay formation. Clay formations are being considered in various countries for the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Opalinus Clay is the only host rock being proposed in Switzerland for disposal of high-level radioactive waste  Swisstopo has the task of leading the international Mont Terri research project and operating the rock laboratory. The objective is to carry out the proposed research plans of the partners under optimum conditions. The rock laboratory is dedicated solely to research.

The research results from the past 25 years have shown that the Mont Terri Project makes a key contribution to the safety and technical feasibility of deep geological disposal in an argillaceous rock (Opalinus Clay).

The project has research partners from Europe, Canada, the USA and Japan.


City: St. Ursanne