Friends of the Fête des Vignerons

The Association  (Les Amis de la Fête des Vignerons, MaFeVi), was founded to keep the flame of the Festival burning.

The association plays a coordinating and supporting role for the projects that arise from the enthusiasm of the thousands of actors-figurantes, musicians, tailors of the magnificent costumes and all the other volunteers involved. They each contribute in their own way to the continuity and passing on of the spirit of the Festival to future generations.

The association itself also organises events and meetings for its members.

The organisation of a new edition of the Fête des Vignerons is also passed on generation after generation. This tradition is based on the commitment, involvement and creative input of the citizens of the city of Vevey and far beyond.

The association wants to ensure that the next Fête des Vignerons can and will take place again in about twenty years’ time.

City: Vevey