Foundation for the Horse

Les Bois, Maison Rouge. Foto/Photo:

The Foundation for the Horse (Fondation pour le cheval) was founded in 1958. The aim of the foundation is to provide old horses, ponies and donkeys with a dignified, protected old age. At the “Le Roselet”, “Le Jeanbrenin” and “Maison Rouge” stations in the canton of Jura, around 180 animals enjoy a loving life on vast meadows in the Jura and in comfortable stables.

The Maison-Rouge in Les Bois also has an (interactive) exhibition on the horse of the Franche-Montagnes.

Visitors learn about the history of the only Swiss breed of horse, its characteristics, its use and its interaction with the region’s inhabitants. The breeding tradition and the special habitat of the plateau are also highlighted.

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City: Les Bois