L’église Saint-Pierre d’Engollon. Foto/Photo: www.eren.ch.

The Saint-Pierre in Engollon

Switzerland’s well-preserved cultural and maintained cultural heritage offers many surprises. So too in the small village of Engollon in the Val-de-Ruz (canton of Neuchâtel).

The church of Saint-Pierre (Saint Peter) first appears in a document from 1228. However, recent archaeological excavations have revealed the foundations of a church from earlier centuries.

Guillaume of Aarberg (1378-1436), Count of Aarberg and Lord of Valangin, built a chapel in 1427 in memory of his late wife. The bell tower dates from 1685. A significant change took place in 1803 with the construction of the current stone tower and the reconstruction of the nave.

Well-preserved frescoes from the 14th century were discovered in 1924. The Gothic wall paintings depict episodes from the life of Christ, while the vault shows the symbols of the evangelists around a Christ in Majesty.

Source and further information: www.eren.ch (Église Réformée Évangélique du Canton de Neuchâtel).