Der Morteratsch Gletscher. Foto/Photo: TES

The natural grandeur of Pontresina

Pontresina (canton of Graubünden) may not have the (tourist and Olympic) status of nearby St Moritz, but the village lies at the foot of the canton’s largest glacier and highest mountain (4049 m.).

The beginning of the  Gletscherpfad near the famous hotel-restaurant Morteratsch 

The Alp-Schaukäserei Morteratsch

The grandeur is not limited to these natural phenomena. Pontresina also had its Grand Hotels and an illustrious Belle Epoque period.

Grand-Hotel Walther

Moreover, the fairy-like landscape (in all seasons) is the habitat of the largest population of ibex in the canton, around 1 800!

The waterfall trail (Der Wasserfallweg) Cascada da Bernina

The Morteratsch glacier on the  Piz Bernina, the highest mountain of the canton (4049 m.)


Pontresina has the largest ibex population in the canton