Die Linde und das Pfarrhaus. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Medieval Lime Tree

The oldest part of the parish house (Pfarrhaus) in Naters (canton of Valais) dates back to the 12th century. In 1461 and 1661, the building was extended. The building is a national monument and stands opposite the church and the Bone House “Beinhaus”.


The Linde in front of the building has experienced these renovations. As early as 1357, it was mentioned in a document as ‘magnam’ or large. The stone edging at the foot of the trunk also dates from this period.


It probably served as a stage for gatherings of the “Zenden”, e.g. for the administration of justice. The foundations of the pillory are still visible near the trunk.


(Source: www.naters.ch).