Thun Panorama

The large panorama of Thun was painted between 1809 and 1814 by Marquard Wocher (1760-1830).

It is the first Swiss panorama painting and also the oldest to have survived of a genre first created two decades previously in England and Germany.

The work measures 7.5 meters in height and 38 meters in length and is painted on paper and mounted on canvas.

It shows the round view  of a house on the Upper “Hauptgasse” in Thun. Over the prooftops and the buildings and streets of the old town, enlivened by hundreds of figures, one sees the castle and the church, upstream along the river Aare, past the lake to the “Niesen”, the “Blüemlisalp” peaks and south to the “Stockhorn” chain and its foothills.


Museum: Thun Panorama
City: Thun
Country: Switzerland
Address: Hofstettenstrasse 14