The Antonini quarry Wassen

The Antonini quarry (Steinbruch Antonini) is a unique witness to the heyday of the various quarries in the canton of Uri. The quarry flourished with the construction of the Gotthard railway at the end of the nineteenth century. The Antonini quarry is the only remaining quarry from this period; all the others have been recaptured by nature. The museum shows the life of the stonemasons and entrepreneurs of the time, the techniques and machines and the impressive landscape of the Gottardo hiking trail. At the same time as the quarries, the transport sector in the Urner Oberland also experienced enormous growth. Many products were exported from Wassen far beyond the national borders. The stone from Uri was also used in Basel at the Mittlere Rheinbrücke, in Lucerne at the Gotthard-Bahngebäude, in Bern at the Federal Parliament in many other places.


Museum: The Antonini quarry Wassen
City: Wassen
Country: Switzerland