Rosengart Collection

The collection (Sammlung Rosengart) comprises well over 300 works by 23 different “Classic Modernist” artists.  Along with Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, the  collection puts a clear emphasis on Classic Modernism, featuring several of its major exponents and exceptional works of the highest artistic quality. The 21 artists featured who helped move art into abstraction include further names such as Bonnard, Braque, Cézanne, Chagall, Dufy, Kandisnky, Laurens, Léger, Marini, Matisse, Miró, Modigliani, Monet, Pisarro, Renoir, Roualt, Seurat, Signac, Soutine, Utrillo and Vuillard. Pablo Picasso is represented with 32 paintings and some 100 drawings, watercolours, graphic and sculptural works, largely from his later years 125 watercolours, drawings and paintings by Paul Klee form the second focus of the Rosengart Collection.


Museum: Rosengart Collection
City: Lucerne
Country: Switzerland
Address: Pilatusstrasse 10