Roman Museum Vallon

Situated on a Roman archaeological site, the museum (Musée Romain de Vallon) traces the region’s Roman heritage with mosaics, models of architecture, including a temple, mural paintings, statues and various objects. The region of Vallon and La Broye was marked during Antiquity by the prestige of Aventicum (modern-day Avenches), the capital of Roman Switzerland (from the first to third centuries AD). Six kilometres away from the ancient city, the museum is located on the site of the Gallo-Roman villa in Vallon. It presents the everyday life of the residence during the first four centuries of our age. The two famous mosaics “Bacchus and Ariane” and “Venatio”, discovered in 1985.


Museum: Roman Museum Vallon
City: Vallon
Country: Switzerland
Address: Carignan 6