Pierre Golay Museum

Thanks to Tinguely’s unique time machines the museum takes you on a voyage through a thousand years of change, of the universe and Switzerland. The main attractions of the museum are the time machines activated by steel balls and put into motion using windshield wiper motors and video recorders. Rolling marbles activate animated scenes reproducing the creation of the world, the history of Switzerland or to illustrate good from evil. The museum also presents a collection of pipes, a replica of the first file cutting machine designed by Léonard de Vinci as well as many other objects that will nourish the curiosity and give an idea of the multiple talents of Pierre Golay, often referred to as « Archimedes ».

Museum: Pierre Golay Museum
City: Les Bioux
Country: Switzerland
Address: Groenroux 13
Website: https://www.myvalleedejoux.ch/de/P22608/museum-pierre-golay