Museum of Art and History Geneva

The Roman Antiquities collection of the museum (Musée d’Art et d’Histoire) contains Gallo-Roman objects, including Republican and Imperial coins, monumental statuary and portraits, mosaics, intaglios, jewels, silversmithing, sacrophages, furniture and many other pieces of art. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Near East, Soudan are represented as well.

The Department of Applied Arts, holds various collections dating from the end of Antiquity to modern times.

The Fine Arts Department shows old Flemish, Dutch, French, German  and Spanish masters, modern and contemporary paintings, sculpture and drawings and a collection Swiss artists (a.o Hodler, Vallotton, Calame, Saint-Ours, Agasse, Schwabe, Liotard, Pradier, Tinguely, Giacometti, Barthélemy Menn, Perrier, Baud-Bovy, Trachsel ou Amiet).

Museum: Museum of Art and History Geneva
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Address: Rue Charles-Galland 2