The Laténium is Switzerland’s largest archaeology museum. The Laténium aims to explain archaeology and covers 50,000 years of local history in the heart of Europe, midway between the North Sea and the Mediterranean, from the Middle Ages back to the times of the Neanderthal man.

The name of the museum itself comes from “La Tène” the eponym site of the second Iron Age (La Tène period, from around 450 BC to 50 BC). The La Tène period is characterised by an expansion of the Celtic culture throughout Europe, ranging from Ireland to Turkey.

The museum also presents artefacts and cultures from other periods such as the Gallo-Roman civilization, the lake-dwellers of both the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, or the hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic. More than 3000 objects are displayed.



Museum: Laténium
City: Hauterive
Country: Switzerland
Address: Espace Paul Vouga