Historical Museum Montreux

The collection of the museum  (Musée de Montreux) shows works of art from the tenth century BC to the Middle Ages and put the objects into historical perspective. The first agricultural and bronze objects and afterwards iron tools by the Helvetes (Les Helvètes) around 450 BC are put into chronological order. The Romans left mosaics, bronze sculpture, wall paintings, coins and architecture. Christianity introduced new art in old forms. The exhibition follows the period from the Holy Roman Empire and the Dukes of Savoy in the Middle Ages. In addition, there are a number of thematically arranged collections, such as a rich collection of woodcarvings, the period of intense development of tourism and visits by (English) foreigners in the nineteenth century. The museum also presents the fauna and flora and the history of Lake Geneva.




Museum: Historical Museum Montreux
City: Montreux
Country: Switzerland
Address: Rue de la Gare 40
Website: http://www.museemontreux.ch/