Glass Museum Romont

The Romont Castle provides a perfect setting for the museum (Vitromusée et Vitrocentre). The fascinating history of the development of stained glass is presented following a path leading past archaeological fragments from the 5th century AD, via masterpieces of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Historicism and Art Nouveau right up to the most recent modern glass art.

Later works often bear the hallmark of well-known workshops or artists: among them, to name but a few, the workshops of Dirk Vellert (16thC), of Gustav van Treeck (19thC), or of Louis Comfort Tiffany; or the artists Alexandre Cingria, Léon Zack, Alfred Manessier, Yoki, Augusto Giacometti or Brian Clarke.

The museum also housea a fund of preparatory sketches, which illustrate the way in which an artist works through the process of creating a stained glass window.


Museum: Glass Museum Romont
City: Romont
Country: Switzerland
Address: Au Château