Casorella Museum

The museum’s collection is based on the works and influence of Jean Arp (1887 – 1966). In addition to Arp’s works, the museum presents many works by his contemporaries, including Joseph Albers, Willi Baumeister, Michel Berkelaers, Camille Bryen, Sonia Delaunay, Piero Dorazio, Viking Eggeling, Max Ernst, Fritz Glarner and others, Walter Helbig, Johannes Itten, Marcel Janco, Lajos Kassák, Paul Klee, Alberto Magnelli, Mondrian, Meret Oppenheim, Francis Picabia, Hans Richter, Arthur Segal, Sophie Täuber, Theo van Doesburg, Victor Vasarely and Alexej von Jawlensky. Local artists are also featured in the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Museum: Casorella Museum
City: Locarno
Country: Switzerland
Address: Via Bartolomeo Rusca 5