Berry Museum

The museum is dedicated to the doctor and painter Peter Robert Berry (1864-1942). Drawing on a (family) collection of oil paintings, pastels and drawings, the museum also offers a deeper insight into the (artistic) life of the painter and his international and Swiss orientation and contacts, such as the French neo-impressionists or the Swiss artists Giovanni Segantini and Giovanni Giacometti.

His father worked as a doctor in St. Moritz, and his son followed in his footsteps, but from 1900 onwards, he occupied himself with painting. He studied in Paris at the Académie Julien and in Munich at the school of Heinrich Knirr. Back in the Engadine, he preferred to paint on the Julier Pass or the Bernina Pass in the open air.


Museum: Berry Museum
City: St. Moritz
Country: Switzerland
Address: Via Arona 32