Atelier-Museum Audemars Piguet

Jules Louis Audemars (1851-1918) and Edward Auguste Piguet (1853-1919) founded their watch-making company in 1875.  The museum (Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet) presents the famous Swiss manufacturer’s past, present and future. The museum links the historical house where they started in 1875 to a contemporary spiral supported by curved glazing and a steel roof, covered by grass. Some 300 watches, including masterpieces of miniaturisation, technical complexity and avant-garde design, are exhibited. The museum-atelier also reveals some of the manufacturer’s watchmakers and artisans at work in their workshops.

Museum: Atelier-Museum Audemars Piguet
City: Le Brassus
Country: Switzerland
Address: Route de France 18