The Alpineum, built in neo-classical cupola style (1885), is directly opposite the Lion Monument. Gigantic diorama pictures with configurated foreground and astonishing effect of depth display Switzerland’s most beautiful  mountain regions in three-dimensional representation: Pilatus, Rigi,  Jungfrau, Monte Rosa, Gornergrat, Breithorn, Matterhorn and the ascent to Mont Blanc. An artistic masterpiece created a hundred years ago by the two painters, Ernst Hodel Snr. (1852-1902) and Ernst Hodel Jnr. (1881-1955) The Alps as virtual experience in diorama, the forerunner of cinema and television. Numerous reliefs, model houses, ships and mountain railways augment the exhibition.


Museum: Alpineum
City: Lucerne
Country: Switzerland
Address: Denkmalstrasse 11